Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Kelly Rowland 'Work (Freemasons remix)'

Chart Peak: 4


Second single from Rowlands much-delayed second album, following up 'Like That' (which also went Top 5 but seems to have been almost instantly forgotten) and the record company had obviously noticed the success that Freemasons remixes had brought to some of her former colleague Beyonce's singles over here. Personally, I've never been keen on their Beyonce remixes - which always sound very samey and mildly out of time - nor indeed of their work under their own name, but I make a bit of an exception for this one, where they've actually conjured a bit of a soundscape from the synthesised electric sitar-like sounds and touches of fuzz bass, producing something with a bit of the tense energy she's supposed to be singing about. Wisely, this mix was declared the A-side for the UK release and added to the inevitable re-issue of the album, although the song made an advance chart appearance thanks to people (perhaps unwittingly) downloading the rather drab original before the remix was released.

Rowland has apparently claimed that the line "put it in" in the chorus is a reference to putting the work in. How that tallies with her exhortation that you've "gotta get it all the way in!" you'll have to decide for yourself.

Also appearing on: Now 54 (with Nelly)
Available on: Ms. Kelly Deluxe Version

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