Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Kanye West featuring Chris Martin 'Homecoming'

Chart Peak: 9


In what seemed unusual even as recently as 2007, this single had already peaked by the time the CD single was supposed to come out, so in the end it never did. The video was even later, and indeed I hadn't seen it until I looked it up to write this. I hadn't missed much.

'Homecoming' (no relation to the book of the same title) is effectively an extended metaphor, in which West tells us about a girl called Windy who told him how to "go downtown", etc. As he spells out towards the end, "If you don't know by now, I'm talking about Chi-Town"[Chicago]. It's a bit of a shaggy-dog story really, but Chris Martin's chorus and bouncy piano playing go some way to enlivening things. A step up from the previous couple of tracks at any rate.

Kanye West also appears on: Now 58, 62, 68, 70 (with Estelle), 72, 74 (with Mr Hudson/With Jay-Z and Rihanna)
Available on: Graduation (Enhanced)

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