Thursday, 24 September 2009

The Feeling 'I Thought It Was Over'

Chart Peak: 9


As if to follow up last night's post, they might have come to regret the song title here. 'I Thought It Was Over' was their sixth consecutive Top 40 single and the fourth to hit the Top 10 - but their three subsequent singles have peaked at 53, 67 and 87 respectively. They were one of the biggest success stories of 2006 but people's patience seems to have worn out fast. People who weren't radio programmers, at any rate.

Perhaps the right single could have saved their career, but it sounds too much like they'd had the same thought themselves. There's something terribly forced about this track, as if they were so determined to include a memorable chorus that they neglected to include anything else interesting to us or even then. Supposedly the opening line "You were there when the wall came down" sets this in 1989, but it's hard to believe anyone's doing more than going through the motions. It became tiresome very fast.

Also, bad, bad moustache.

Also appearing on: Now 63, 64, 65, 66, 70
Available on: Join With Us (Special Edition)

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