Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Leon Jackson 'When You Believe'

Chart Peak: 1 (3 weeks)


Two years down the line from Shayne Ward, 2007's crown was handed to Leon Jackson on the 15th of December. In line with the standard practice, this track was released as a download in the first minute of the next day, and CD singles were on the shelves for the Wednesday. Of course, this sort of deadline means that several other contestants had to record the song as well, and there was no chance of anything being tailored for him (not even his suit, by the looks of if). In fact the 2007 winner's song was a slight departure from the previous two years: for the first time since the long forgotten 2004, the song was a cover of an existing UK hit. 'When You Believe' had been a battle between Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston disguised as the theme tune to an animated movie.

Inevitably, Jackson's take is more subtle, but that's about all there it has going for it. The rushed nature of the process is emphasised by the video with it's cheapo back-projection and self-referential clips from the show (so at least Dannii Minogue gets to appear in the video for a Number One single, for once) and of course this gives away that they're not trying to reach out beyond the telly audience. Of course, that'll all it needed to get to the top of the chart, but the single only managed three more weeks in the Top 40 and by March 2009 he'd already been dropped by the record company.

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