Sunday, 6 September 2009

Taio Cruz featuring Luciana 'Come On Girl'

Chart Peak: 5


His third hit in consecutive years, although he spoilt the effect a little by releasing two more singles in 2008.
One problem with this record is that about 25 seconds in, it sounds a bit like he says "I just wanna turn you and me into a horse," and now I can't hear the song without thinking of Taio and his ladyfriend as a pantomime horse, like in Rentaghost.

The other big problem with this is that it's an utterly generic RnB record, distinguishable from thousands of others only by Luciana's none-more-Essex rap, which doesn't really seem to have much to do with the song until she says the "Come on boy!" at the end, by which time she sounds like she's hopping on one leg waiting to get out of the studio. And why are they shouting "Come on" at each other instead of, you know, doing stuff?

All this is rather aptly summed up by the video, which features the least exciting car chase ever shown on film, and then Luciana snogging some entirely different bloke because she probably doesn't even know what Taio Cruz looks like, such is the lack of Chemistry here.

Luciana also appears on: Now 65 (with Bodyrox)
Taio Cruz also appears on: Now 70, 71, 72 (with Tinchy Stryder), 74
Available on: Departure

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