Thursday, 17 September 2009

Adele 'Chasing Pavements'

Chart Peak: 2


One of the more visible beneficiaries of the release of this album, rebounding 22-18 in that week as peoplerushed to download the track. Perhaps that makes up a bit for its initial appearance, when it entered the chart at 2 and was widely expected to climb to the top, but couldn't overcome Basshunter. It was the the much-ballyhooed Top 40 debut for one of the many moody female singers expected to dominate 2008 (see also Duffy at the start of the other disc) and doesn't serve too badly as a showcase, I suppose.

She has the opportunity to deliver a solid, if rather deliberate-sounding, vocal performance, but co-writer (of this and seemingly every other record in the last five years) Eg White has supplied a rather dull melody that never quite takes off when it should. He's also the producer here, and doesn't flatter the song by heading straight for the middle of the road, although it certainly worked commercially. It makes for a slightly downbeat start to the disc here.

Incidentally, this is a relatively rare example of XL licensing a track to a Now album. I don't really know why.

Available on: 19

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