Monday, 23 July 2018

Metapost: Radio show link

Hi, more self-promotion time as after only a week I've managed to find a listen-again link on Talkradio's Website. Paul Hardcastle and I appear about 12 minutes into the 14:30-15:00 section.

Me and my voice
Link works as of 23rd July 2018, I can't guarantee how long it will stay online.

I also made my debut appearance on legendary pop culture website TV Cream, nominating my favourite tracks from Now 31 to 35. Do not attempt to vote in the poll as it has already closed but your network provider may... oh, hang on.

As I promised the Talkradio listeners, I did buy Now 100 on the day of release. I think it'll be while before I write about that one though.

Saturday, 14 July 2018

Metapost: on the radio again

With the impending release of Now 100 I have been asked to pop into TalkRadio in London today (14th July 2018) to discuss the series and some of my favourites. News permitting I'm due to be on around 2:30-2:40 pm.

Time to get the next Now 54 post out of mothballs I reckon.