Saturday, 5 September 2009

H "Two" O featuring Platnum 'What's It Gonna Be'

Chart Peak: 2


A follow-up of sorts to the Basshunter track: obviously not the same musicians but bought up by the Hard2Beat label as their second release. This and the previous track seem to have so much in common that I almost wrote a joint post about them. They both spent three weeks in the runner-up position on the chart, they're both similar in style and they both seem to originate from Yorkshire.

I don't find this one as likeable though, similar as they are. Perhaps there's something a bit tawdry about the video (filmed at Dulwich College, which is probably the only connection between this record and PG Wodehouse). Perhaps I don't like the vocals, or maybe it's just how they pronounce "H Two O" (spelt like that to avoid being sued by this lot, I presume). Probably sounds OK in a club though.

Platnum also appear on: Now 71
Available on: What's It Gonna Be [Cd2]

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