Friday, 11 September 2009

Samim 'Heater'

Chart Peak: 12


I remember a lot of hype about this quirky dance instrumental (er, except that
Germany seems to have got a vocal version) which was tipped to be a massive hit. Whether because there were no lyrics to identify it by or just because people tired of the hype it ended up performing only respectably.

At the time I was inexplicably annoyed by it, but I now feel a little more positive about it, and the video is sort of cute. My main concern remains, though, that I'm not really convinced this is a record so much as the incidental music for the last item on a regional news bulletin. There's not really enough in it to hold the attention. Or to write a long blog post, apparently

Available on: Put Your Hands Up, Vol. 3: The Biggest Club Anthems of All Time

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