Thursday, 10 September 2009

Booty Luv 'Some Kinda Rush'

Chart Peak: 19

YouTube [NB, the record doesn't have loads of cheap sound effects being played over it]

Their first original single after three covers (of admittedly relatively little-known originals). At the time I was highly disposed to dislike them after those rubbish covers, and because they have a name which makes me cringe a little every time I even see it, still less type it. Actually, though, this is better than those covers, and better than the follow-up single that's just charted at time of writing. It bursts into life with a nice chunky guitar intro, and continuing to serve out its three-and-a-half minutes in jolly enough style, without ever threatening to mean anything.

Like a lot of this album, I'd be a liar if I said I liked this track, or would miss it if it disappeared. But it's just a throwaway bit of pop and I can cope with that today.

Also appearing on: Now 66, 67
Available on: Boogie 2Nite

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