Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Cascada 'What Hurts The Most'

Chart Peak: 10


It's tempting to say that what hurts the most is having to listen to this record, but perhaps that's a little glib. Still, this is another example of their (yes, Cascada are a group although some members seem to turn up in the photos more often than others) annoying habit of covering songs that had already been recorded more than enough before. 'What Hurts The Most' was the only solo hit to date for former S Clubber Jo O'Meara, albeit a minor one, whilst US country duo Rascal Flatts made me glad I didn't live there by taking the song into their Top 10.

Cascada's is probably the least bad version I've heard, because it at least sounds less self-pitying than most of the ballad versions. But I wouldn't say I ever enjoyed it.

Also appearing on: Now 65, 66, 73
Available on: Perfect Day

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