Monday, 31 August 2009

David Jordan 'Sun Goes Down'

Chart Peak: 4


Maybe I wasn't quite the target audience, but I'd forgotten about mid-1980s children's TV show Wizbit until people mentioned that the theme tune sounded a bit like this. It's not the same song as the one by Killing Joke, or the one by Level 42. It's not 'When The Sun Goes Down' by Arctic Monkeys either.

David Jordan seemed to be everyone's idea of a big new star then, and as it was less than two years ago perhaps he still might be. But for now this remains his only hit single, albeit rather a large one. So large indeed, that I was soon heartily sick of it, such was its desperate eagerness to please and insistent "look at me" (well, I suppose it's more "listen to me"...) pleading. Also, there's no excuse for making "groove" a two-syllable word in my book. Apart from that, it probably isn't really that bad, just slightly annoying, and certainly more likeable than the previous two tracks here.

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