Monday, 24 August 2009

Duffy 'Mercy'

Chart Peak: 1 (5 weeks)


I've been putting it off for a while (for various reasons, some of which will soon become clear) but it's finally time to bring this blog into the 21st century. Perhaps it would have been more logical to ease myself in with an album from early in the decade, but Now 69 suggested itself for the good reason that I actually found both discs dumped in a recycle bin not long after it was released. Waste not want not, I thought, and decided to liberate them. In fact, this was at the time the fastest-selling Now album ever, but Now 70 overtook it.

As this track made its chart debut exactly 18 months ago, it probably doesn't need much in the way of introduction; and my favourite thing about it is a bit of a spoiler for a future post. I doubt I can tell anyone who reads this anything about the record, indeed, so all I can really try is to say what I think of it. Well, it's not bad. I'm usually suspicious of anything that seems heavily hyped, especially when it's talked up as being "real" but the less you think about that, the more likeable this becomes - a good but insubstantial pop song with some nice keyboard sounds; indeed, big airplay hit as this was it seems to lose a lot on the radio. I'm less keen on the mumbling in the background, which sounds slightly phony, and her vocal on this track isn't in my favourite register. There are other tracks by her I like more but I don't mind this one. So sue me.

Also appearing on: Now 70, 71, 72
Available on: Rockferry

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