Saturday, 1 August 2009

The Quireboys 'Hey You!'

Chart Peak: 14


And so the second side of the album, hitherto obviously dominated by "alternative" music, veers rather rockwards with these last couple of tracks. Although I obviously remember the Quireboys as a name, I don't think I'd actually heard this track before I looked it up on Amazon to provide the link below. The fact that one reviewer described them as "arguably slightly more talented" than Dogs D'Amour didn't instantly inspire confidence.

OK, now I feel like I have a better idea of why people liked Faith No More.

Rather as I suspected, 'Hey You' is macho rock at its most dislikeable, all big hair, cliches and casual sexism. It's hardly surprising that none of the women in the video appear in the same shot as the band themselves. I'd go into more detail, but I'm unwilling to go back and listen to this rot again. Still, enough people disagreed for this to be one of five Top 40 singles for the band; their last chart appearance was in 2005, when they reached 88 with a version of 'Tears In Heaven' intended as a spoiler for a version by some actual choirboys.

Available on: A Little Bit of What You Fancy/Bitter Sweet & Twisted

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  1. Macho rock? Cliches? Casual sexism? All inaccurate. At a time where rock bands were singing about partying and screwing everything with a pulse, this song is about a guy's girlfriend cheating on him, and him pleading for loyalty. It is the very antithesis, lyrically, of the macho rock, cliches and casual sexism which were par for the course in rock music at the time.

    Feel free to loathe the song, but if you HAVE to throw labels about, at least make sure you use them correctly.