Friday, 31 July 2009

Faith No More 'From Out Of Nowhere'

Chart Peak: 23


Sort of an appropriate title, because this is only the second track on the record that I don't think I'd ever heard before. Not even heard of it really; my awareness of FNM (as people seem to call them) is basically one or two big hits and a couple of cover versions. I sort of realised that they're a really important band to some people, hence the excitement about their recent live comeback, but really I find it hard to even get started.

Of course, this is 1990, before Nevermind brought what I suppose they call Modern Rock into the mainstream, which is probably why their most famous original song 'Epic' was released twice within the year and never made the Top 20; in fact this song can claim a marginally higher peak position, even if it's made less impact on posterity. Granted that I'm listening to a low-quality YouTube upload, but apart from a decent bassline and a whiny vocal from Mike Patton (which some commenters evidently like, but I have to admit I don't) not a lot really stands out.

Also appearing on: Now 24
Available on: Very Best Definitive Ultimate Greatest Hits Collection

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