Thursday, 30 July 2009

The House Of Love 'Shine On'

Chart Peak: 20


I think I had a dream last night where somebody told me this song was rubbish. Me, I wish I could be so sure. Even as I sit down to write this post, I find it hard to work out what I really do think about this record. When I think of it in the abstract, I can easily deride the "She-she-she shine on" chorus, but then when I actually listened to it, it rather appealed to me. And equally, the way they drop their own name into the first line of the lyric ("In a garden in the house of love") is the sort of thing I tend to criticise, but I find it slightly endearing here. I feel like I should also mention the pretty lead guitar, which my limited knowledge of the band attributes to the perhaps-accurately-named Terry Bickers.

And yet it's not a record that I can imagine myself loving, much as I know some people do. I've never been impressed, or even interested, by any other House Of Love tracks I've heard, and nothing in this whets my appetite. I think I even heard a solo track by Guy Chadwick and it was really dull. The knowledge that this was their first single (three years before the chart appearance that brought it to this album) does add a certain tinge of sadness to the story.

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