Saturday, 25 July 2009

Primal Scream 'Loaded'

Chart Peak: 16


Despite the time it's taken me to get round to writing this entry, in some ways this track seems like part of the same whole 'Step On', as this was another of the few songs in this style to break through to the radio. In fact it was a far bigger breakthrough for the Scream than the Mondays, as it became their first ever Top 75 single; needless to say, at the time I was entirely unaware then that they'd had any history before this. The other thing I didn't yet realise was that, like 'Step On' it's actually a new spin on old material, in this case Primal Scream's own 'I'm Losing More Than I'll Ever Have'. As remixed by Andrew Weatherall, it became the song that some credit with inventing the entire genre of indie-dance and that certainly enabled the group to - ahem - shine like stars, setting them up for the big critical and commercial success of the following year's Screamadelica album.

Now, I did eventually buy that album and several of their others but I don't really like Primal Scream all that much. I suspect I'm partly influenced by the fact that Bobby Gillespie seems to be a bit of a dipstick. More fairly, I'm frequently put off by his rather weak singing, which is at least one problem that this near-instrumental track doesn't have, but somehow... well, I just don't know really but I can't say this does a lot for me. I can appreciate the creativity going into it, but it's not really for me, somehow.

Incidentally, Last.Fm's copy of the track seems to have dropped the sample of dialogue from Peter Fonda's biker movie The Wild Angels.

Also appearing on: Now 27, 64
Available on: Dirty Hits

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