Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Jesus Jones 'Real Real Real'

Chart Peak: 19


Issued on the then-sort-of-independent Food label, 'Real Real Real' had, by the time this compilation was released, become the first Top 40 and indeed Top 20 single for Jesus Jones - indeed it managed a better peak in their homeland than their biggest US hit 'Right Here Right Now' which stopped at 31 on two separate occasions.

Like that song, and indeed all the other Jesus Jones tracks I can actually remember, the song comes from their second album Doubt. And like all of them, it leaves me with the suspicion that you had to be there; be there in the sense of being the right age, I mean, since I can't deny that I was alive in 1990. I realise this record is almost twenty years old, but it feels like it could be even older, as if it belongs to a slightly different civilisation where the sort of aggressive vagueness of the lyric made sense and the way Mike Edwards sings was considered a good idea.

Available on: Doubt

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  1. Fortunately, the quality and honesty of your writing outweighs your negativity!

    I was a big JJ fan. Doubt was a good album. And a very, very loud one.