Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Mantronix feat. Wondress 'Got to Have Your Love'

Chart Peak: 4


Don't remember this video at all. Maybe it was a bit too racy for TV back then, although it is an early example of 90s videos where they're not really sure what to do with the producer and he just has to stand around looking moody.

The song itself is much more like it though. A track I particularly remember liking at the time, probably because of the bassline (which actually isn't that bassy) and the way the track is built around it. I always rather liked the way it appeared at the start and let the rest of the arrangement saunter along when it was good and ready. Although a lot of the rest of the song is a bit by-the-book, there's something remarkably skilful about it and I can't help enjoying it. I've even laid down another 99p for the download, which raises my total spend on this blog towards the ten pound mark. My favourite on Disc 2 so far.

Available on: The Best Of 1985-1999

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