Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Tongue 'n' Cheek 'Tomorrow'

Chart Peak: 20


Tongue N' Cheek could safely be filed among the acts whose names I remember hearing more than any actual music. Extensive research tells me that they were a British soul/dance act who were big on the club scene but only managed three Top 40 singles, of which this was the biggest. Even the Wikipedia article doesn't seem sure exactly when they split up.

Once I finally managed to hear a version of 'Tomorrow' without radio jingles played over it, it proved to be a rather decent slice of upbeat late-eighties-style RnB, the sort that goes down nice and easy without touching the sides. Probably sounded rather good in a club, and it's perfectly acceptable outside one too, but not the kind of thing I personally would cross the road for. Minus a few points for that lame rap in the middle.

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