Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Lonnie Gordon 'Happening All Over Again'

Chart Peak: 4


This record sounds almost aggressively 80s, which isn't necessarily a good thing as late as 1990. No prizes for guessing (even if you don't read the YouTube description) that this is a Stock Aitken Waterman production; what I hadn't previously known was that the song was originally written for Donna Summer, but ultimately unused. It sort of makes sense though.

You don't need to read a lot of this blog to notice that this isn't the first sort of music I gravitate towards, and much of its charm remains opaque to me. I have to give it some credit for the fact that I remembered it after all this time. But nobody really seems to be that bothered about this and there's a sense of going through the motions about it, which even extends to the suspiciously cheap-looking video (and the remarkably poor miming, which is the other thing I remember from the time). There's a slightly annoying yelping sound all the way through I could have done without too.

Available on: The Pop Years 1990-1991


  1. Sometimes, just sometimes, SAW produced an excellent pop song. This was one such occasion. You're right about the yelping though.

  2. On reflection, I might have been a tiny bit harsh; maybe it's a song I could have persuaded myself to like more, but it has a bit of an unfinished quality about it.