Monday, 17 August 2009

Orbital 'Chime'

Chart Peak: 17


Supposedly recorded for less than a pound on their dad's cassette deck, 'Chime' was the first hit for Orbital (picked up by a major label after a limited release the previous year) and might at the time have seemed like just another rave hit; and yet somewhere down the line the Hartnoll brothers became one of the most enduring and well-regarded acts in dance music, as well as being one of the first electronic acts to really conquer the live arena. It's tempting to say that this single marks all that out, but I'm not really qualified to account for that.

In fact, instrumental music is difficult to write about at the best of times, but what I can tell is that there's more complexity to the sound than in a lot of dance music; the main figure is repeated throughout, but there are shifting details revealed on closer inspection. It doesn't really stay with me after I've heard it the way some of their tracks did, but there's something strangely addictive about the experience. It doesn't literally say anything at all, since there are no lyrics and the title is generic, but it generates more of a feeling than a lot of the dance tracks on these albums.

Also appearing on:
Now 37
Available on: Halcyon: The Platinum Collection

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