Monday, 31 May 2010

Jermaine Stewart 'Get Lucky'

Chart Peak: 13


And the award for ironic chart peak goes to...

In fact this was another last (UK) hit, although nobody knew at the time: Stewart seeemd to be on quite a roll with his second Top 20 smash of 1988. Indeed, he remained popular in Germany for a while longer, but this was it where the British Top 40 was concerned. Perhaps it was with an eye to these European markets that his record company (or whoever it was) found him this song, written by the British team of Simon Climie (already on this album as part of Climie Fisher) and Errol Brown (of Hot Chocolate).

'Get Lucky' is one of those songs there isn't a lot to say about, although that's not necessarily a bad thing. It's very obviously a product of its time, and it has no aspirations beyond a pop-oriented dance track for clubs. It's fine at what it does, no more and no less.

Connessieurs of artwork will be excited to know that this is the first time on the album when an act is represented by a single cover rather than the usual publicity photo.

Also appearing on: Now 8, 11

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