Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Glenn Medeiros 'Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You'

Chart Peak: 1 (4 weeks)


Glenn Madiera-cake we used to call him. Maybe you had to be there.

This is one case of Now! spotting a big hit in time - the sleeve notes acknowledge it as a "massive hit on The Continent" (seemingly one of the last non-ironic uses of that turn of phrase in British popular culture) but can quote no higher a chart position than 61 at time of going to press. It climbed pretty quickly, though, and it was the Number One single when Now 12 became the Number One album. Well planned.

As for the song, though, even my relatively uncritical young self thought this was pretty wet, and posterity has been less than kind. The song is pretty shameless, one-dimensional and clichéed, and the performance so inspid that even Westlife managed to improve it: however, all the people who've commented on that video accusing them of overshadowing Mr Medeiros might be interested to know that the first recording of this song was actually by George Benson. And he didn't actually write it either.

Whoever sings it, though, it's still not any good. If anyone ever invites you to "Have some Medeiros M'Dear", say no.

Available on: Nothing's Gonna Change My Love

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