Friday, 21 May 2010

Heart 'These Dreams'

Chart Peak: 8 (62 in 1986)


It's long been common practice in the music business to capitalise on a breakthrough hit by revisiting underperforming old material, but it's normal to stick with the last couple of singles. In this case though, EMI decided to mark the band's 1987 success by reaching back to their 1985 untitled album: 'Alone' had been the group's first UK chart single in early 1986, almost a decade after they'd first been seen in the album chart, but didn't come close to its US chart-topping performance. Not until it was reactivated, technically as a double-A with 'Never' a US Top 5 hit that failed to chart here in its own right, and which seems to be named after the number of times I've heard it.

Maybe it's apt that they didn't give the parent album a title, because this does sound like a record that's almost scared of identity. It's got a moderately catchy tune and Nancy Wilson delivers a gutsy vocal despite (or because of) a cold on the day of the session, but the overall effect is pretty generic. You can see why Stevie Nicks rejected it.

Also appearing on: Now 10
Available on: Heart

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