Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Aswad 'Give A Little Love'

Chart Peak: 11

Not the Bay City Rollers song...Their second hit this year...charted at No. 41 on 15/5/88, had made No. 11 by 5/6/88
That rather elliptical sleevenote seems designed to gloss over the fact that this was the follow-up to a Number One: that was of course 'Don't Turn Around', which didn't show up on a Now album, the then-independent Island records having licensed it to the rival Hits 8 instead. And whilst it's true that this isn't the same one with which the Rollers topped the chart, they don't seem in any hurry to mention that it was previously the B-side of a flop Bucks Fizz single.

Like 'Don't Turn Around' (itself a former B-side, for Tina Turner), 'Give A Little Love' comes from the pens of Albert Hammond (Sr) and Diane Warren, and it matches their reputations for platitudinous blandness and saleability. Aswad themselves have enough good-natured charm to make this not unpleasant, but it's difficult to be enthusiastic at this remove. It's also a little hard to believe now that this was ever considered to be reggae music; sounding more like somebody just pressed the "calypso" button on a synthesiser and walked away.

Also appearing on: Now 28
Available on: Reggae Greats

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