Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Climie Fisher 'Love Changes (Everything)'

Chart Peak: 2


Sometimes this blog is quite a learning experience for me. Knowing that Simon Climie had gone onto a successful career as a songwriter and producer after this, I'd somehow come to the conclusion that he was the non-singing half of Climie Fisher. But, I discovered when researching for this post, he was the singer after all, and the late Rob Fisher was the silent partner in the duo.

I suppose by admitting that I didn't know which was which until the day before yesterday, I've rather given away how much I cared about this record, which is catchy but suggests that they put as much imagination into their songwriting as they did into naming their band.
It's all topped off by Climie's attempts to sound soulful. Even at the time I remember not liking this as much as their other big hit, 'Rise To The Occasion'. I also remember thinking they were singing "Love makes the rules and fools two kings" which I thought must be some sort of chess metaphor. Looking back now, the most impressive thing about this is the look of apparent contempt on Fisher's face throughout the rather hammy video. I can't say I blame him.

On a trivial note (even more than the rest, I mean) if you ignore the brackets, this was the first of two songs of this title to peak at the same position within a year (the other is on the next-but-one Now album).

Also appearing on: Now 11, 14
Available on: Everything.....Plus

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