Friday, 28 May 2010

Hazell Dean 'Who's Leaving Who?'

Chart Peak: 4


Hazell Dean is one of those people I remember being a pop star, but remember no music at all by. And now I've listened to this (see photo, which I've finally remembered to upload) I can tell why.

'Who's Leaving Who' was something of a comeback hit for her after a pair of Top 10 smashes in 1985 ('Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go)' was the first Top 10 success for Stock Aitken Waterman) though she'd charted a few singles outside the Top 40 in the interim. She teamed up again with SAW for this, although neither she nor they wrote it: it was released a couple of years earlier by Anne Murray, of all people to little success outside Canada. Full marks to them for spotting a potential hit, but it's a pretty dull song and not a very interesting production either.

Available on: Greatest Hits

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