Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Sabrina 'Boys (Summertime Love)'

Chart Peak: 3

YouTube [possibly NSFW]
Big in France, big in Italy, big just about everywhere, that's Sabrina. The teenager from Genoa crashed in at No 24 on 5/6/88 and had raced to No. 4 by 12/6/88

To be strictly accurate, this single first breached the Top 75 in January 1988, but it was hardly suited to the season (there's a clue in the title) so it was only on repromotion that it became a real hit, almost a year after it had topped the French and Italian charts. It's decidedly lightweight Eurodance late-80s style, distinctive mainly for the notorious video I've linked to above, which was apparently banned from British television until substantially edited. Apparently it was originally part of a daytime TV show in Italy which is sadly all too easy to believe.

In 1988 I was far too young to be interested in that sort of thing, but the song itself was catchy enough for me to enjoy it anyway. In some ways it's still easier to appreciate now than other songs that were trying harder to be good, but I wouldn't pretend this was musically worthwhile. Luckily, nobody had to. The thing that I remembered most about it was probably the looped look-I-got-a-sampler-for-my-birthday intro of "BoysBOYSboysboysboysboys", which seems to have been cut from the video there.

Available on: Big Tunes - Back 2 The 80s

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