Friday, 17 May 2013

Tina Cousins 'Killin' Time '99'

Chart Peak: 15 [86 in 1997]


24 year-old diva Tina Cousins was first spotted in the UK charts with her featured vocal on the Sash! No2 hit 'Mysterious Times'... Now a star in her own right, Tina follows top-20 debut 'Pray' with dancefloor friendly 'Killin' Time', due for release March 15th '99.
'Mysterious Times' is one of the Sash! hits not to have made a Now album so this is the first album to feature Cousins - and she turns up twice, making a total of four appearances in there series. Perhaps with hindsight that's a bit disproportionate for a little-remembered act, particularly since - spoiler alert - her other two appearances were both with singles that fell short of the Top 40. But such is the whole joy of this project.

There's not so much joy in listening to the song itself, a 1997 flop revived after the Sash! hit. It's the work of the same songwriters and producers as the Steps song, but they're trying to make a dance track this time with underwhelming results. Cousins herself is hardly a compelling or distinctive presence, but she's also absent for much of the running time. Despite this, the track sounds more contemporary than I expected, thanks to the persistent keyboard stabs. If somebody told you it was a recent Calvin Harris production you'd think he was having a bit of an off day but you'd believe them. And if they said it was competing in Eurovision tomorrow, you'd probably buy that too.

Also appearing on: Now 43, 44
Available on: Killing Time

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