Thursday, 30 May 2013

Sash! 'Colour The World'

Chart Peak: 15

Sash!'s European house sound has been a huge success both in clubs and in the charts over the last two years... Since debut smash 'Encore Une Fois', Sash! has had five Top 5 singles and two Top 10 albums in the UK alone.
It's not exactly a curse, but this glowing report on their massive success was the beginning of the end for Sash! in the UK chart, though they did manage three more Top 10 hits in 2000. 'Colour The World' remains their only single to chart below 10, despite the presence of Dr Alban in his only Now appearence; perhaps it's unhelpful that this is one of their few hits in English, thus allowing Anglophones to consider the lyrical content. In fact, thanks to the Danish Dr (actually a dentist) there are a lot more words than we normally get on a Sash! single, and it's not a style that really suits them all that well. It's the big anthems with minimal lyrics that are their real metier, and the more they attempt conventional songwriting, the more obvious it is that they can't do it. The song mostly sounds tired.

Also appearing on: Now 36, 37 [with Rodrigues], 38 [with LaTrec], 39, 41 [with Shannon], 45, 71 [with Stunt]
Available on: Life Goes On (The Remix Edition)

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