Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Fool Boona 'Popped'

Chart Peak: 52

Based on the classic Iggy Pop tune 'The Passenger', originally recorded in 1977, Fool Boona's interpretation 'Popped' is scheduled for release on March 22nd and is already going down a storm on dancefloors across the UK.
It can be quite an education doing this blog sometimes. I remember seeing a lot of copies of this single in the shops, in its psuedo-Roy Liechtenstein sleeve, but I'd never actually heard it nor even known what it was until I picked up Now 42 a couple of years ago. Seemingly, both retailers and Ashley Abram overestimated the demand for this single. I've also learnt that Colin Tevendale was  Fool Boona's real name. It apparently took him and two other people to write this, not counting Iggy Pop and his original co-writer Ricky Gardiner.

As the note says, Iggy's version does indeed date back to 1977, when it appeared on his Lust For Life album, though its only single release at the time was as a B-side. It finally got promoted to A-side status in 1998 after it was used in a TV commercial (the phrase "get into the car" featuring prominently) and it was presumably airplay of that release that spawned this version. 'Popped' is based not on the distinctive rattling riff of the verse/chorus sections (reportedly inspired by the S-Bahn in Berlin) but on the "La-la-la-la-la-la-la" section sung in the original by Iggy and the producer David Bowie, seemingly in an old man's voice. Not only does this not sample the original, it's not even a convincing soundalike, the vocal closer to Neil Hannon than anyone who was actually an adult in 1977. If you want to hear somebody singing the most annoying part of a classic song over and over again, then you might enjoy this, but it seems most people didn't.

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