Monday, 27 May 2013

Emmie 'More Than This'

Chart Peak: 5

Twenty-one year-old singer/songwriter Emmie is the latest musical talent to come out of Manchester... Her interpretation of the 1982 Roxy Music hit 'More Than this' launched her firmly into the pop arena in January '99.
Well, maybe not that firmly, as she never troubled the Top 40 again in this guise - the only other hit to credit Emmie was a version of 'I Won't Let You Down' by PHD which peaked at 53. I suppose she had a thing about songs from 1982. Though many will know 'More Than This' as performed by Roxy Music, it may be that the greater influence on this was the version by a post-Natalie Merchant 10,000 Maniacs, which was released with remixes by Todd Terry and, unlike the original, made the Top 40 in the US.

This version pursues the dance direction still further, thanks to producer (and husband) Mark Hadfield, also a member of Lucid. It's a sort of pop-trance version of the song that I can imagine doing well in clubs - and it presumably did, if they could get it into the Top 5 even in January - but it's all very anonymous, the sort of thing you'd normally see charting under the producer's name rather than the singer's, so perhaps it's not entirely surprising that this didn't launch a musical career for her. Fortunately, Emma Morton-Smith had a parallel career as a TV presenter, and was seen around this time by bleary-eyed people as co-host of zero-budget cable TV quiz show Noddy's Electric Ladyland (all? 31 episodes are now on YouTube).

Available on: More Than This

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