Saturday, 25 May 2013

Deetah 'El Paraiso Rico'

Chart Peak: 39


Blues, salsa and jazz are just some of the musical styles Deetah cites as having a major influence upon her unique sound... Her music has been described as "a balance of hip hop hardcore and feminine softness".

A bit of progress here, this track samples a song from the 80s instead of the 70s. A Chilean-born Swede who seems to have been in the UK at the time, Deetah (Claudia Ogalde) had her second hit with a song based on the melody of Madonna's 'La Isla Bonita', replacing the original lyric with a sermon about the importance of non-monetary riches. Including the composers of the original song, this somehow took seven people to write, though it's hard to see exactly why.

It doesn't sound as annoying now as it did at the time, although it still has a slightly hectoring, preachy quality a bit like Jessie J's 'Price Tag'. But at best it just makes me wish I was listening to 'La Isla Bonita' instead, a risky thing to do on a Now! album of all places. Record buyers don't seem to have been much charmed either, as this barely qualified as a Top 40 hit. She made one more chart appearance as a guest vocalist on a single by Richard Blackwood which won't trouble us here, though producer Bloodshy went on to a more illustrious career.

Also appearing on: Now 41
Available on: Deep Blue Sea (Music From The Motion Picture)

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