Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Blockster 'You Should Be...'

Chart Peak: 3


Brandon Block and friends A.K.A. Blockster, had a huge No. 3 hit in January '99 with 'You Should Be...' In keeping with the current disco revival, the track is based on the Bee Gees massive hit 'You Should Be Dancing' first released in 1976.

Nowadays, Brandon Block is probably most remembered for walking on stage unexpectedly during the 2000 Brit Awards, one clip which helpfully is still online. Before then he apparently began his career as a DJ in the John Lyon Pub here in Harrow, just down the road from Northwick Park Hospital - it later became a Berni Inn, a Beefeater, a Hungry Horse (?) and is now an Indian Restaurant called Mumbai Junction. Sorry, you probably didn't need to know that but I don't often get to use my local knowledge on here.

Anyway, he went on from this to become a superstar DJ and, with some inevitability, took to making his own records. His biggest hit is, effectively, a cover of the Bee Gees hit, with the falsetto vocals duplicated by unnamed session singers and some more contemporary dance production. I can see that it was probably cheaper than getting the rights to remix the original if he wanted to play it in a club, but it's not really very interesting to hear anywhere else. I found it deeply annoying in 1999, and still would if I heard it with any regularity.

Available on: 100% Driving

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