Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Billie 'Honey To The Bee'

Chart Peak: 3

Due for release on March 15th, 'Honey To The Bee' is a sophisticated, sultry number from sixteen-year-old pop diva Billie Piper... With its classy mix of catchy pop and R&B groove, the single is sure to be a hit with fans and new converts alike.
One of at least two tracks on Now 42 to feature the London Community Gospel Choir, the almost title track of her debut album Honey To The B (see what they did there?) was its fourth single. It was presumably chosen for that slot as a possible bridge to her future career, when the novelty of her being a teenager had worn off. As it turned out, things didn't really work out that way, but this is certainly her most grown-up sounding single. It doesn't wholly convince on that score, and it does have that slight feel of a little girl who's been in the dressing-up box, but that probably isn't a bad thing at her age in all honesty. It's her most musically satisfying single at any rate, with a charmingly undulating melody and a production that's aged surprisingly well. It even gives her the chance to do some pretty decent singing for once.

By the time this song surprisingly returned to the chart in early 2007, thanks to Chris Moyles taking advantage of the full inclusion of downloads, she seemed faintly embarrassed by her musical career. I can see why, but this is probably the least shameful part of it.

Also appearing on: Now 40, 41, 46, 47
Available on: The Singles Collection

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