Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Ace Of Base 'Always Have, Always Will'

Chart Peak: 12

Swedish pop sensations Ace Of Base are fast following in the footsteps of fellow Swede legends Abba - their debut album Happy Nation sold 21 million copies worldwide and they have already won four World Music Awards.
Another Abba reference? It's a slightly odd note they've written there; odd to talk up the the sales of their first album when this track was from their third, and seems a bit desperate to claim the entirely sales-based World Music Awards (all four of which were won for "Biggest-Selling Scandinavian Recording Artists Of The Year") when they had won at the more respectable Billboard awards. The analogy also falls down in that this was the group's penultimate hit in the UK, and their last to bother the Top 20. They did continue to record in the new century (though, unlike Abba, they've changed the lineup) but the British public seem to have lost interest rather abruptly.

It's a bit unfortunate because 'Always Have, Always Will' is one of their more likable singles. Though it's obviously intended to be the Motown pastiche that non long-running act can resist,  it was in fact co-written by Mike Chapman. Younger readers might need reminding that he was part of the Chinnichap writing team who supplied many a seventies hit to Mud, Sweet and Suzi Quatro, and you can hear some traces of his glam stompers in there too. The inane but passable lyric was apparently a replacement for an original text about a murderer; that was thought insufficiently commercial.

Also appearing on: Now 25, 27, 28, 33, 41
Available on: Singles of the 90s

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