Monday, 20 May 2013

Cartoons 'Witchdoctor'

Chart Peak: 2


'Witchdoctor' is the debut UK single from Danish exports the Cartoons... Taking a break from Toonland, Toonie, Buzz, Sponge, Shooter, Puddy and Boop are scheduled to hit the charts at Easter 1999.
Unsurprisingly, the success of Aqua prompted the record industry to seek out similar acts who could appeal to the tween market. And so it is that we end up with a bunch of Danes in enormous wigs and two female Elvis impersonators covering David Seville's 1958 US chart-topper (yes, he of Chipmunks fame). In contrast to the original, they give the witch doctor a low voice instead of a high one, although it's hard to say they've greatly improved upon the track. Indeed it could be argued that forty years later, they should have known better than the crude ethnic stereotyping and the slightly disturbing stalkerish tone of the lyric. Then again, it could be argued that they should have known how to pronounce the word "Cartoons" as well, and as you can see from the end of the video, they didn't quite.

I admit that my naturally contrarian side has some desire to like this, but it's easy enough to keep in check. The one thing I will say for this is that one of them has a bass shaped like a giant carrot.

Also appearing on: Now 43
Available on: Toonage

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