Monday, 21 December 2009

Betty Boo 'Let Me Take You There'

Chart Peak: 12


A few years on from the time when I actually remember her being a pop star (and yes, I know she wrote loads of big hits as well), the only Top 40 hit from her second album proved to be more of a slowie than I'd expected, built upon a sample of 'It's All In The Game'. Over this she raps in mildly annoying way about how it's "so hot 'cause my ice-cream's melting" (other way round, surely?) which must have seemed a bit out of place by the time Now 23 showed up in October. I'm not surprised I don't remember this, if I even heard it at the time.

Also appearing on: Now 18
Available on: Grrr!...It's Betty Boo

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