Friday, 18 December 2009

Björn Again 'A Little Respect'

Chart Peak: 25 (Erasure-ish EP)


Well, how else could you follow Abba?

Possibly the world's most famous tribute band, almost to the extent of inspiring their own tributes; they seem to have become a sort of franchise operation which says something about the power of the name. And of course their 21 years in the business means they've greatly outlasted the original group. Their only Top 40 success came with their own response to the Abba-Esque EP (as mentioned in previous post, but actually heard on Now 22), although the concept was stretched to an entire album of non-Abba covers and a Christmas single.

Because the whole point of this record is in its existence, there's not a lot to be said about the music itself, but it's better than I feared, and certainly not the worst version of 'A Little Respect' ever to appear on a Now album. That said, I can imagine the cod-Swedish accents getting irritating and the apparent unavailability of this track now isn't that massive a loss.

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