Saturday, 5 December 2009

Rage'Run to You'

Chart Peak: 3


This clip is better quality but cuts off the end of the track.

Anyway, by 1992 rave had got about as mainstream as it was ever going to: a big flurry of re-issued singles charted late in 1991 and amid the tabloid press hype that seems a lot longer ago now than it really is, it caught the attention even of kids like me, too young to go to warehouse parties even if we wanted to. This might be why the venerable tradition of dance covers of non-dance songs seemed to be so overground for a while. And yes, this is a version of the first UK hit for Bryan Adams.

I think the original is probably the most tolerable thing Adams has ever done, but unfortunately the things I like most about it are the ringing guitars in the intro and the percussion. Take those out and you've got a very generic rock record or, in this case, a very generic soul/dance record. It passes the three minutes OK, but doesn't attract a lot of interest. This charted higher here than the original, but all Rage seem to have ended up getting out of it was a lawsuit from the metal band of the same name.

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