Friday, 11 December 2009

The Farm 'Don't You Want Me'

Chart Peak: 18

YouTube {sorry, cuts off early but it was the longest version on there}

Actually, maybe I shouldn't be apologising too profusely, because this really is quite a bad record. I have to admit I'm no fan of the original version anyway, but this version makes the Farm's previous assault on 'Stepping Stone' seem like Jimi Hendrix's 'All Along The Watchtower'. Not only is Peter Hooton's vocal impressively uncharismatic, he doesn't even manage to convey the menace that was obviously intended in the original.

In fact, the strongest sense I get from this track is that they didn't really want to be doing it and were just desperate for a hit. Fair enough, we've all got to pay our gas bills, but this is too cynical to be enjoyable. Fortunately for them, it's not the record they're remembered for despite being their only Now appearance; of course they had the big hits with 'Groovy Train' and 'All Together Now' and a Number One album; perhaps unsurprisingly, they haven't troubled the album chart since.

Available on: All Together Now The Very Best Of The Farm

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  1. This was recorded for a Radio 1 charity album whichy involved the biggest bands of the early 90s choosing a UK #1 of yore. Blur did Maggie May, Ride did The Model, etc. You're right that it isn't very good but I don't think they had a lot of time to arrange it.