Monday, 1 September 2014

Corona 'Baby Baby'

Chart Peak: 5
Corona are Italian writer/arranger/producer Francesco Bontempi and vocalist Olga De Souza.. They had a huge hit with 'Rhythm Of The Night' in 1994 and 'Baby Baby' - due for release on 27th March '95 - is hotly tipped.
It's notable that quite a few of these dance tracks are appearing somewhat upfront; the tracks were included even though they had yet to prove themselves as hits at time of going to press. Of course, this was easier to do with dance tracks that were already successful in clubs than with other types of music.

This is the second track in a row that I don't recall, and in this case it's not even a cover of a song I knew (although it's not actually an original either - Bontempi recycled the song from a 1991 flop by another of his acts, Joy & Joyce). I even seem to have lost all memory of the cover version by Sunblock that went Top 20 in 2007. The reason is that this song is profoundly unmemorable. I sometimes feel a bit mean saying this because I realise that there are people who love this sort of track and I don't begrudge them their pleasure in it - it just seems too context-dependent. It's not even as interesting to me as other Corona tracks. At least De Souza looks like she's having fun in the video.

Also appearing on: Now 29, 32
Available on: The Rhythm of the Night

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