Friday, 12 September 2014

Sean Maguire 'Suddenly'

Chart Peak: 18
'Suddenly' is the 3rd hit for actor and TV presenter Sean Maguire... It followed 'Someone To Love' and 'Take This Time' into the Top 30 in March '95.
Whatever else you might say about Sean Maguire, you can't accuse him of not making an effort to be a pop star. Over the two-and-a-half years his record deal lasted, he tried various ways to turn his familiar face (from Grange Hill and Eastenders) into a chart career, from cover versions to power ballads to a Britpop pastiche style and a possibly ill-advised attempt to sing live on Top Of The Pops. Parlophone had enough faith not to drop him when his first album spent a week at the very bottom of the Top 75 chart.

'Suddenly' (not a Billy Ocean cover) finds him in the light swingbeat mode that was the default setting for teen-oriented male stars in the mid-90s, accompanied by a video where he wears the appropriate uniform. It's all set, except the song itself which is poor and lacks a strong chorus. His vocal, while not terrible (though he may have had the benefits of studio techniques) isn't really suited to the style of the song either and like a lot of this second disc it's instantly forgettable.

Available on: Greatest Hits

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