Monday, 8 September 2014

Deuce 'Call It Love'

Chart Peak: 11
Deuce are Kelly, Lisa, Paul and Craig... Their first single, the pop/dance stomper 'Call It Love' reached No. 11 in February '95.
Among the more forgotten hitmakers of the mid-1990s, Deuce are now remembered - if at all - for the fact that one of them (Lisa Armstrong) subsequently married Ant McPartlin, the taller half of Ant And Dec. They were, though, originally convened by manager and popular TV pundit of the time Tom Watkins as a vehicle for his work experience employee Kelly O'Keefe, and Watkins not only appears in the song's video himself but persuaded his biggest client of the time, East 17's Tony Mortimer, to show up if not to look like he wanted to be there.

With hindsight, Deuce's primary colours, mixed-gender lineup and dance moves look a bit like a dry run for the later success of acts like Steps and Scooch: indeed after they were dropped by their original label, Deuce did work with Mike Stock, who later formed Scooch. They never seemed to reach the critical mass of success needed to keep this kind of act going though and on this evidence they didn't really deserve to either. Neither the material nor the performance is really noteworthy enough.

Also appearing on: Now 31
Available on: On the Loose

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