Thursday, 4 September 2014

JX 'You Belong To Me'

Chart Peak: 17
Mystery man JX who had a big club and national hit last year with 'Son Of A Gun' returns on 13th March '95 with thisn powerful raver 'You Belong To Me'.

JX is such a "mystery man" that there's a picture of him in the sleeve note, admittedly hiding behind vocalist Shena. It is true that all the credits are to his stage name rather than his real one (which proves to be Jake Williams) but perhaps the greatest mystery is that despite the run of hits in the 1990s (and a one-off comeback hit in 2004) he never released an album in this guise.

 'You Belong To Me' is the one hit of his that I don't really remember, and coming back to it now I'm not wholly surprised as it's certainly a less impressive composition than his other big ones. It sounds curiously up to date in 2014, but as a song it fails to do the business for.

Also appearing on: Now 31, 34
Available on: You Belong To Me

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