Saturday, 13 September 2014

Bobby Brown 'Two Can Play That Game'

Chart Peak: 3 [38 in 1995]
Bobby hit big a few years back with hits such as 'My Prerogative', 'Every Little Step' and 'Don't Be Cruel'... 'Two Can Play At That Game' is due for a welcome re-release on 20th March 1995.
For a change, one track I definitely remember from 1995 (although the original 1994 release passed me by) - it was ubiquitous that summer and I particularly remember asking a more musically educated classmate to explain why the chorus sounded so odd. Apparently he goes to a very unlikely note on the word "play".

The version featured here and in the video is the K-Klass remix of the original album version, though sources seem to differ as to whether this version was the lead track on the original 1994 single as well. I'm inclined to  believe that it was because even that release date was almost two years after the song first appeared on his album Bobby, which was widely seen to have underperformed. Compared to the original rather dense New Jack Swing production, this mix is certainly more mainstream and you can tell why it was considered to have better chances as a single. It certainly plays up the song's innate catchiness. Whether it's better is a matter of taste but I will say that of the two tracks on Now 30 by American singers with the forename Robert who have complicated personal lives including high-profile relationships with female singers who are now dead... I like this one a lot more than the R. Kelly one.

On a note of trivia, this was his first appearance since Now 16 and it was co-written by David Guppy, who is also on that volume as Redhead Kingpin.

Also appearing on: Now 15, 16, 31
Available on: Kisstory 2014

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