Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Clock 'Axel F'

Chart Peak: 7

Masterminded by Manchester DJ Stu Allan, 'Axel F', which had reached No. 7 by 12/3/95, is Clock's 3rd UK chart hit following 'Keep The Fires Burning' and 'The Rhythm' last year... Clock are rapper DC MC and Latania Mitchell.
I'm slightly surprised this is the first time I'm writing about Clock here, given their lengthy run of success in the second half of the decade. 'Axel F' (officially a double A-side with 'Keep Pushin', a title Nightcrawlers never quite got round to) was in fact their fourth Top 75 single but their third Top 40 and first Top 20. It's also one of nine cover versions they charted with, apparently more than anyone else managed in the 1990s.

Although Clock were clearly patterned after 2 Unlimited, with unseen producers making the backing tracks and a male/female rap/vocal duo fronting the act, this particular track is actually mostly instrumental, with only occasional vocal samples popping up to give it some colour. It's interestingly bounced around the stereo spectrum too. Mostly the track is just a pumping version of the famous soundtrack hit and I'm surprised to say that I rather enjoy it. Actually my favourite of the three versions of the tune on Now albums.

Also appearing on: Now 31, 35
Available on: Big Tunes Back To The 90s 2

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