Wednesday, 10 September 2014

(MC Sar &) The Real McCoy 'Run Away'

Chart Peak: 6
'Run Away' made No. 6 in January '95 for O-Jay (Olaf Jeglitza) and Patsy (Patricia Petersen) AKA the Real McCoy. It was their second big British hit following 'Another Night'
Confusingly, there are three people in the photo above that text that describes the act as a duo (the other one would be Vanessa Mason) and in fact O-Jay has subsequently claimed that the female vocals on this track (and the remainder of their album) wasn't by either of those women but by session singer Karin Kasar. That's the world of Eurodance for you. Indeed the producers later replaced the entire line-up of the act, as also happened to 2 Unlimited.

Perhaps it's not surprising that they sound so paranoid on this track, a lyric clearly based on Nineteen Eighty Four that even mentions "Big Brother is watching you". It's not a bad song  for what it is but it doesn't live up to the standard of their biggest hit. Unusually for this type of music it was their second Top 3 hit in the US.

Also appearing on: Now 29
Available on: Run Away

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