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Tin Tin Out featuring Espiritu 'Always Something There To Remind Me'

Chart Peak: 14
Tin Tin Out are Darren Stokes and Lindsay Edwards... 'Always...', due for release on 13th March '95 features the vocals of Vanessa from Espiritu and is a dance reworking of the Bacharach-David classic.
The title is given as 'Always...' on the sleeve image in the booklet too, but elsewhere the full title seems to be used. Perhaps the publishers insisted. This is also the first track on this particular disc I have no memory of from the time.

An odd little phenomenon in 90s music, Tin Tin Out were successful remixers and had a decent crop of hit singles of their own (this is one of six from their debut album) yet seem little-remembered and little-noticed even at the time; I never heard of anybody identifying themselves as Tin Tin Out fans. Indeed, the success and low profile might almost have been part of the same thing; they never seem to have tried to develop a strong identity of their own, treating each single as a one-off commercial effort. The parade of different vocalists fronting different tracks didn't make Stokes and Edwards any more famous either.

The other problem for posterity might be that they were trying so hard to create tracks that suited the dancefloors of the time, and however well that worked then it's not a recipe for making a song that would make sense years later. Nowadays this just sounds like the chorus of the original song being sung over generic dance beats, except that once it's sung in Italian for no apparent reason. I hesitate to be negative but it does nothing for me now.

After the duo's success, Edwards apparently became an academic physiologist. You can download his paper on The Reproducibility of 31-Phosphorus MRS Measures of Muscle Energetics at 3 Tesla in Trained Men, which is something I heartily approve of from an open-access perspective.

Tin Tin Out also appear on: Now 39 (with Shelley Nelson), 44 (with Emma Bunton)
Available on: Always

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